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To be the primary source for your clothing needs and self-expression. The fashion club centres on the idea that fashion isn’t age or designated by place but hinges on the recreation of your attitude, feeling, dreams and courage.
We deliver clothing designed for the real you – all day, everywhere. Break free from the look books and what hots. Your style is the most exclusive thing on the planet ☺ authentic in style and natural with attitude and 100% owned by you.  Dress it up how you want to! Our pieces allow for mix and match and are designed for fun wearing. This is our C.A.R.E Promise – Consistency in service, Affordable for all, Rebellious Fashion, Environment.
After years of designing, Hadasshe is a brand the Carters to being You Fully
It started in a living room in Kingston, Jamaica, with friends sharing stories of bad shopping experiences online. The dream ☺ 'Hadasshe Fashion' was born to combat and offer a safe and positive space to all demography and age customers to shop, interact, and receive quality goods. Great care has been taken to develop and build our service to you. We start by evaluating all products and selecting the best shipping methods available. Providing options to shop your needs – through the shop by events and collections (no generic look books) They share the benefit to customers who want to travel in the Caribbean and have their clothing and accessories available for pick-up/delivery in Jamaica. A website of not just pretty things but can give support to your causes A subscription box of your choices. Rent clothing for vacation, weddings, or special event
Unrelenting pursuit to being the leading global eCommerce trader for fashion and personal care goods.
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What Customers Are Saying
“Awesome products. Great quality. I will buy again! Never disappointed”
January 16, 2022
"I like this online store. Beautiful products, good customer service. Free delivery. I made an order from the UK, the product arrived in ten days"
November 12, 2021
“I shop here because they provide good quality in clothes & also their service. I will always be a loyal shopper. Did I say brilliant product!”
June 3, 2021
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