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8 Best 2021 Summer Trends

The great thing about living in the age of online shopping and Amazon Prime memberships is that pretty much anything you'd ever want to buy is just a few clicks away. When it comes to clothing, that's especially true. But, what if we told you the absolute best fashion trends for summer 2021 are actually free-99? Well, it's true - because there's a good chance many, if not all, are already sitting in your closet.


Mini Skirts


We'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for midis and maxis, but with the return of sexy '00s fashion, we're loving this leggy look that works for just about any occasion.

How to Wear Mini Skirts For Summer 2021: Make your mini feel more understated with an oversized shirt and 'ugly' sandals, or go full Y2K with a crocheted halter neck or crop top - and don't forget your baguette bag and claw clip!

Puff Sleeves


Puff sleeves refuse to leave our rotation, yet somehow, they're always whimsical and fun instead of stale and boring. It's possible you've already stocked up on voluminous blanket dresses in 2020, so feel free to break them out once again.

How to Wear Puff Sleeves For Summer 2021: We're feeling fashion's bold, chaotic vibe as of late, and while big-sleeved tops and dresses can turn heads all on their own, feel free to get even more OTT. Add a pair of statement earrings, opt for lace-up sandals, or even reach for bow details to turn it full cottagecore.


Crop Tops


Skin is especially in for 2021, and if you don't already own backless designs or something with cutouts (another major trend that's bubbling up), you can go the belly-baring route - even if it means cutting or knotting an old tee.

How to Wear Crop Tops For Summer 2021: Use this one to balance out bottoms that offer more coverage, such as Bermudas, bike shorts, and baggy jeans or trousers on a chilly day. Playing around with different proportions or fit (loose vs. tight) will create an outfit that's interesting to look at.


Summer 2021 Trends

Despite the fact that boots are typically considered a fall and winter staple, warm weather styles are becoming pretty popular. Even model Irina Shayk is a fan of the summer boot, and included one in her collaboration with Tamara Mellon.

How to Wear Boots For Summer 2021: Use this shoe as a way to make fancy summer staples, like sundresses, into an outfit that's more relaxed. You can even wear your favorite knee-high pair with the aforementioned mini skirt, providing a bit of balance.

Oversized Shirts

Summer 2021 Trends

Chances are you own fair share of button-downs, which is good news, since baggy shirts and tees are once again a key part of the summer rotation. They're essentially the perfect throw-on-and-go piece: they can be worn with just about any bottom, work as a swimsuit coverup, and even be layered like a light sweater.

How to Wear Oversized Shirts For Summer 2021: Wear your button-down with Bermuda shorts and slides for a full relaxed look, or use one to replace your go-to jacket, styling it over a crop top or sundress when things get chilly.


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