Hadasshe Fashion - Clothing Retailer that is serving up New Trends - Hadasshe Fashion

Hadasshe Fashion - Clothing Retailer that is serving up New Trends

Hadasshe Fashion. mecca women fashion with an international reach, providing exclusive fashion-forward clothing and accessories to customers.


Hadasshe Fashion, started as your average clothing retail competing in the heavily saturated market of fashion while navigating the global pandemic. Needing a way to stand out - decided to scale down and focus on providing on-trend, edgy clothing and styles for all women. Products were curated to be environmental friendly and delivery integrated with state-of-the art API system for better managing and customer experience.

Its fully rebranded and optimized website went live in July 2021 with a suite of expanded features for greater connection with customer on several platforms, increased engagement and simplified checkout and delivery process.

“It’s all for our customers, to make online shopping fun and to deliver the product and service they want.”

On track to be the first retailer in Jamaica to be a member of the Fur Free Retailer and speeding ahead to increase environmental awareness and ensuring cruelty-free is more than a slogan in their supply chain. The company has a fashion is sustainable plan and work to met it everyday.

Hadasshe Fashion is led by an animal lover having rescued several animals since childhood, she said the pledge to be a part of fur free retailers just made sense.

“We are committed to doing our part for benefit of our customers, animals and the environment. Fashion should be inclusive and a safe space for expression, doing no harm.”

Hadasshe Fashion. was established in 2019 and has constantly added to their product collection and now has a catalogue of over 1,000 women clothing, shoes and accessories and is constantly growing to create styles for everyone.

We are looking to grow as a consumer brand and possibly expand into manufacturing and distribution of cosmetics and fashion.

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