A New Online Marketplace Debuts for Caribbean Fashion Goods

Hadasshe.com revamps to launch a new online marketplace where retailers and customers can purchase from new, independent suppliers of fashion goods, cosmetics and other lines of hair and skincare products.

Caribbean fashion is inspired by the many cultures that contribute to Caribbean culture. In addition, climate, local designers, and the “Caribbean attitude” have helped shape Caribbean fashion trends. A melting pot that of people, culture and history Caribbean fashion is influenced by African, European and even Asian boldly expressed in the vibrant colour of the tropical sun balanced with a cool, bold design.  Over the years, and following the annual hosting Caribbean Fashion Week, after 2001 showcase the talents and even undiscovered capacity of Caribbean designers.

Hadasshe Launches New Marketplace

Hadasshe rebranding from a specialized brand to an online marketplace was long overdue, according to the Managing Director.

Following our expansion onto platforms like Amazon.com, we had the unique opportunity of experiencing the limitations of being a small business in the Caribbean and overcoming it. The marketplace is set to strategically compete with the international and regional marketplace through our innovative approach and tailored service.

Today, globally, thousands of new brands are launching every month. Reuters recently reported that the fashion industry was worth $532 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach a market value of nearly $806 billion by 2023.  Therefore is a competitive advantage and experience is critical to moving beyond having just having an online store towards being a successful global brand.

We have gone one step further we are the first company in Jamaica to actively pursuing sustainable and ethical operations and product offering. The need for transparency in the fashion industry is born out of customer demand, as customers’ appetite for newness and innovation is at an all-time high.

It’s our new frontier and we are excited that our partners are standing with us.

The marketplace is offering automated sales, marketing, logistics along with a knowledge base in one place. It enables vendors to transact with customers/businesses, manage orders in a single location, and view marketing and sales analytics.

For more information, please read here.

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